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Month: October, 2006

The Great Escape II

by Scott Smith

The pigs got out again. We were about to sit down to eat dinner when the dogs went nuts because they could see the pigs out the window. Two of the pigs wandered down to the pasture which was convenient. I just sent one of the kids down to close the gate so we could worry about those later while we dealt with the two wandering free. One went over to the neighboring field which is even more full of burrs than our acreage – I’m still itching. The first three pigs were relatively easy to get back into their pen, but the third decided she had struck it rich and didn’t want to leave fresh pasture. Eventually they were all herded back into their pen and the fencing was repaired.

Here is Madeleine helping with fencing:


And a shot of the whole scene:


Both kids were a great help getting the pigs back in. Coleman went back up to the house to take care of the dogs once everything was back under control. Scott got bit while repairing the fencing – pigs like to check everything out with their mouths.

Happy Friday the 13th

by Scott Smith


This is my beautiful Red Dogwood still dressed in her fall colors with a layer of snow before the middle of October.

This horse… I can afford to feed

by Scott Smith

Here ya go, Madel. A horse just right for the homestead (and my wallet).
A mini-me horse

Example of factory farm tech

by Scott Smith

Yes, there is a difference between homestead farming and factory farming.

Homestead or Hobby Farm

by Scott Smith

I’ve been admonished by Robinson for referring to our ‘place’ as a hobby farm. She finds it demeaning. Fine. Okay.

It’s a homestead. I looked it up on Webster’s and found the definition fits very well. Actually, it fits for any homeowner.

Homeowner. That’s an interesting word. I’m a homeowner but the servicer actually owns the home and will for many years to come. That, perhaps, is a word that doesn’t describe our status correctly. We don’t rent but we certainly don’t own the home. I think of a homeowner as someone with her house’s paper, like owning the title to your car.

We are carowners, though. We have the papers for our ’01 CRV and ’97 Jetta. Combined, they have 350,000 miles on them. Not quite as impressive as a 2006 SL-Class ‘Benz, is it? On the plus side, our site doesn’t suck like mbusa.com.

Tip Jar

by Scott Smith

We now have a Tip Jar Page. If you would like to help, please consider clicking Meg’s head. The tip is processed through PayPal. A little something may just get you a gift from the homestead.

Daily Crossword

by Scott Smith

Check out our sweet new Daily Crossword page. It’s a Google widget.