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Month: December, 2007

Russo on Rose

by Scott Smith

Richard Russo appeared on Charlie Rose last week. Damn. That’s pretty good for a literary author. While Charlie Rose isn’t Letterman (I keep hoping McNally will make it on), it is a big deal for a novelist.

Russo is like a ghost from my past. He reminds me of those times when fiction mattered most. Also, it was a time I made my most lasting friendships, outside Tim and Greg.

This interview captures Rick’s mind and wit and the laugh. Man, that laugh.


Uncle Scott and Kids

by Scott Smith


Snow Tires

by Scott Smith

I did a good deed — I got snow tires on the pickup.

Robinson is going to be driving the pickup quite a bit this winter, and I have recurring nightmares of her spinning it out once a week. That happened to my mother in her little Ford pickup (1983?). She solved the problem by vowing to never own anything but front-wheel drive / 4-wd vehicles.

I’m hoping the tires will make her drive safer, and I feel pretty good about that.

Do you think the tires count as this year’s Christmas gift? Hmmm. I smell a new poll.