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Month: October, 2007

Fried Chicken

by Scott Smith

Mike Ladd pointed me to an article on fried chicken. To know me is to know I love me some fried chicken.

The chicken gets two long soaks, Alabama-style, first in brine and then in buttermilk. The saltwater brine helps the flesh retain moisture and season it all the way through; the buttermilk adds a tangy flavor and helps tenderize it. The Virginia-style frying fat combines lard and sweet butter, flavored with a slice of country ham, making the chicken extra crisp and rich-tasting. The cornstarch in the dredge adds to the crispness as well.


Square Dancing — With Tractors

by Scott Smith

Via BoingBoing.

The Metaphor Problem

by Scott Smith

John McNally has once again posted a killer essay on his blog. It’s a shame he doesn’t blog more often. I suspect the man could topple governments with his wordprocessor.

His last anthology, When I Was A Loser, has an essay by Will Clarke that’s caused a ruckus in Rhode Island (by the way, when is the last time you thought of Rhode Island?).Map of Rhode Island

Apparently the essay’s title, “How to Kill a Boy Nobody Likes,” should have had a ;-> printed next to it because the title is metaphorical, not literal. Some parents in R.I. didn’t care for the essay being available to their children.

I suggest you take a look at Will’s profile on Amazon as well.

Online TV stinks

by Scott Smith

We only have a tv antenna; I know, that’s pathetic for a geek. I should have a satellite and TiVo and a robot to vacuum my floors.

I don’t.

I’m tired of giving a dozen vendors $20-$40 per month. So, I watch a lot of my shows  online. This worked out well last season, but not now.

I can’t speak for ABC (who had the best online experience last season) and FOX, but I can say that CBS and NBC suck in that special geek way. What am I talking about? It doesn’t work well and when it does, it requires a lot of effort.

How painful? Two computer reboots and one router reboot.

Saturdays are tv watching day. I like to chill with Numb3rs, Life (a new NBC show that isn’t so bad), CSI and The Unit (the worst show ever created by such creative people ever).

It’s now after 8pm and I still haven’t finished my shows. Why? The streaming breaks. The navigation to shows doesn’t work. One Numb3rs episode started fast-forwarding on its own — switching from Flash to Windows Media fixed that. Another favorite bug is watching an episode that suddenly switches to another episode.

When tv programmers and mediocre computer programmers combine their talents, only bad things happen.

Perhaps they should consider seeding their episodes on BitTorrent networks.

Profile of David Simon

by Scott Smith

The David Simon profile in the New Yorker kills.

David Simon. HBO

I read Homicide years ago, and his writing impressed me. He’s finishing up the fifth and final season of The Wire. It’s the finest show I’ve ever watched.

Thanks to Mykl for the link.

Hoop House Workshop

by Scott Smith

Too bad this workshop is way up north of Traverse City.

A free one-day workshop for farmers and aspiring farmers on how to grow crops in low-cost “hoop house” greenhouses will be offered on Friday, Oct. 5, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Black Star Farms in Bingham Township.

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