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Month: October, 2010

Theodore Sorensen – James Fallows – Politics – The Atlantic

by Scott Smith

Whatever pride lay behind it, Sorensen could not have been more gracious to people who looked up to him. I never heard this line from him, but often heard versions of it about him: When an ambitious young person would say that he or she wanted to “be another Ted Sorensen,” he would say, “No, you want to work for another John F. Kennedy.

The Great Unwashed – NYTimes.com

by Scott Smith

Retention of the skin’s natural oils and water conservation are two reasons Ms. Palmer and others cite for skipping a daily shower. Some have concluded that deodorant is unnecessary after forgetting it once with no social repercussions, or are concerned about antiperspirants containing aluminum, even though both the National Cancer Institute and the Alzheimer’s Association don’t share those concerns. Shampooing as little as possible can help retain moisture in dry locks and enhance curl shape, argue adherents of the practice; for some men, it’s about looking fashionably unkempt.

PRIMETIME: Juggling Writing AND a Job?… Figure It the %$&* Out | Script Magazine

by Scott Smith

Why this can be so offensive, I have no idea. Personally—I find it empowering. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter at night, letting her daughter sleep in a stroller while she wrote longhand at coffee shops, then rushing home to retype everything on a typewriter. Stephen King wrote Carrie while scraping by on a high school teacher’s salary, then coming home to his wife and baby in a double-wide trailer. These guys had no more hours in their days than anyone else (including that UCLA student’s assistant friends), and they still had jobs, families, responsibilities… yet they somehow managed to write Carrie and Harry Potter. Which means if they can do it… why can’t you?!

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes – Great Writing Creative Writing Community

by Scott Smith

And the guidance counselor arranged what he no doubt thought of as a more constructive channel for my talents. This was a job – contingent upon the editor’s approval – writing sports for the Lisbon Enterprise, a twelve-page weekly of the sort with which any small-town resident will be familiar. This editor was the man who taught me everything I know about writing in ten minutes. His name was John Gould – not the famed New England humorist or the novelist who wrote The Greenleaf Fires, but a relative of both, I believe.

Oct. 28: Obituary: Watts Humphrey Succeeded in Changing the World of Software Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University

by Scott Smith

For his work in software engineering, Humphrey was awarded the 2003 National Medal of Technology which he received from President George W. Bush in a special ceremony at the White House in 2005. Humphrey is the author of 12 books on software engineering and hundreds of technical reports, journal articles, and columns. The Watts Humphrey Software Quality Institute in Chennai, India, is named after him.

Blender 3D Design, Spring 2008 – Tufts OpenCourseWare

by Scott Smith

Course Description

The Blender 3D Design course is intended to offer students an introduction to the world of computer generated 3-D modeling and animation. As an introductory course, it provides a basic understanding of the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications.

Welcome to the Mnemosyne Project | The Mnemosyne Project

by Scott Smith

Welcome to the Mnemosyne Project

The Mnemosyne Project has two aspects:

  • It’s a sophisticated free flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process.
  • It’s a research project into the nature of long-term memory.

What We Look for in Founders

by Scott Smith

1. Determination

This has turned out to be the most important quality in startup founders. We thought when we started Y Combinator that the most important quality would be intelligence. That’s the myth in the Valley. And certainly you don’t want founders to be stupid. But as long as you’re over a certain threshold of intelligence, what matters most is determination. You’re going to hit a lot of obstacles. You can’t be the sort of person who gets demoralized easily.

Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College? – Innovations – The Chronicle of Higher Education

by Scott Smith

Over 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees (over 8,000 of them have doctoral or professional degrees), along with over 80,000 bartenders, and over 18,000 parking lot attendants. All told, some 17,000,000 Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says require less than the skill levels associated with a bachelor’s degree.

Helping Chickens Go Calmly to the Slaughterhouse – NYTimes.com

by Scott Smith

In a typical processing plant, birds are unloaded in what is known as the “live hang area.” Workers hang the chickens upside down from metal shackles connected to a mechanical rail that conveys them into the plant. They go first into a unit that uses a mild electric shock to make them unconscious, and then they are brought to the “kill machine,” where a blade cuts their throat and they bleed to death.