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Month: November, 2005

Jack & Meg

by Scott Smith

Yes… I am insane. I rescued another dog yesterday, but I swear, there is no more room at the inn!

I was downloading the application to get Jack his dog license and noticed that the county animal control shelter has a “pet inventory” list. So, of course, I looked at it and noticed that they had an “owner turn in” border collie. Animal control shelters aren’t renowned for giving animals a lot of time to find a new home so I decided to take a camera with me so that I could take pictures of said dog and post her on a border collie rescue I frequent and find her a home. Well, I went to visit her and of course she’s gorgeous and I was informed by the very friendly and caring gentleman who was obviously the caregiver to the animals that she had no time left and that, because of space issues, as soon as they got four more dogs she would be euthanized and that he was expecting 3-4 more dogs before the day was over. So, I paid her fee and raced off to get my prepay spay certificate from my veterinarian and raced back to pick her up and was informed that in the time it took me to do all of that they had received 20 more dogs. That’s 20…. T-W-E-N-T-Y. So basically every dog I saw there is now gone… except for sweet Meg (and a Sharpei mix that was being adopted when I picked up Meg).

We are, of course, keeping her as long as we can fulfill her needs. She is a no jive, vibrating, into everything Border Collie with a capital “B.”

So, without further ado, here she is, our little Apple Blossom, Meg.

And, of course, Jack who has in no way been displaced by our new addition (notice how beautiful and shiney his coat is getting).

and my personal favorite… http://www.neuterscooter.com/


Humble Pie

by Scott Smith

The coming of fall and the first snow of the season are humbling events this year. It’s difficult to swallow all the plans of getting things ready to have animals before the end of the year when we started out so enthusiastic and full of hope. As always, things get in the way. Unexpected bills come up and my mind gets sidetracked with things that seem overwhelmingly (yes Dear, I am OCD) important like painting the inside of the house (which still isn’t done). So, the chickens and goats will wait until spring when we can start again. Until then, we can continue to pull up cockleburrs and burn the mountains of yard waste that have been cleared already and learn to see the real progress we have made even though we overestimated what we could do in a few months.

Jack & Bonnie

by Scott Smith

Here is a little snapshot of Jack visiting with Bonnie (the kids’ dog at their dad’s house). Bonnie, a girl who wants nothing more than a belly rub and a treat, actually did a little frolicking and chased Jack around a little bit. Although it may have been simply to let him know who’s boss at her house as he was being a little rude with his nose. Bonnie has a nice, big, fenced in yard that she was kind enough to share with us so that Jack could be safely off his leash.

More Jack

by Scott Smith

A nice shot of Jack.


by Scott Smith

This is Jack, aka Jack-Jack, the newest member of our family. We picked him up yesterday from the Elkhart County Humane Society in Indiana. They were really eager to see Jack (previously “Veilo”) in a home because he had been there since September and was developing the common kennel depression dogs get when they are left in those situations. They also ended up pushing my application through after Jack was attacked by another dog.

I was so sure that he was going to be such a wreck for so long when I got him home but while he’s still not hugely interested in food he’s really showing signs of perking up tonight. Just a little while ago he showed actual joy at hearing the kissing sounds Madeleine was making at him. He actually did a little butt spin and was definitely wiggling joyfully. He actually ate a treat instead of just sniffing at it or caring it off and setting it somewhere, WOW! The other good sign is that Scott just put him in his crate so that he would “settle down” to which he complained about with a couple of border collie pitched barks. This from a dog who 24 hours ago was only pacing and sleeping.

I thought so long and hard about whether or not to get a border collie because I know they have a tendency to herd cats and I didn’t want our cats terrorized. It turns out that Jack has a healthy respect for cats, always trying to give them plenty of space (so far). Unless of course he doesn’t notice them until it’s too late in which case he turns tail and runs away after his “kitty scolding.”

So, so far so good. Although I’m sure as Jack develops more faith and confidence over the next few months that his true personality will come out and we will find that we have a typically high energy border collie.


Always Ask Questions

by Scott Smith

I’ve made a decision to become a more open and brazen heathen; more intentional and overt in my heatheness because Goddess knows we heathens are ALL just too closed mouthed and it gets a little tiresome to have everyone assume that I share their Christian beliefs.

An extremely nice woman invited my 10 year old son to come with her son to their church youth group Halloween celebration. My first instinct was to make some excuse about why he couldn’t go because, well, it was something organized by organized religion. However they don’t go to the church that I absolutely despise and this boy is a close friend of my son and they don’t get to spend much time together because we are all so busy over scheduling our kids. So, silly me, I convince myself that nothing could possibly go wrong. It’s a church, they won’t let things get too scarey. Apparently I’d forgotten all of my own childhood Bible lessons.

The night’s entertainment included a woodland scavenger hunt. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, it was based on the Old Testament plagues. That’s right… locusts, blood in the water… death of the first born son. There was a story about a man who traveled through time back to ancient Egypt and that silly bastard didn’t put blood over his threshold because he thought that as a time traveler he was immune to God’s wrath. So, there lay his dead body in the woods for a bunch of little kids to stumble across. I have no idea how realistic this “dead body” was, but I do know it freaked my kid out. I do know that he had some deep, dark circles under his eyes the next morning at school. I do know that I’m kicking myself now for not having the balls to say, “I’m sorry, we don’t allow our kids to attend church functions,” because I’m afraid of offending the beliefs of others.

So, how about my beliefs? When are the Christians going to stop assuming that just because I’m a nice and decent person that I believe the same stuff that they do? I don’t assume that they are heathens like me because they are nice and decent people. The thing I’m saddest about now is that my biggest fear is that this woman will stumble across this blog entry and be offended at my being offended. Sheesh.