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Month: February, 2007

3 Dog… House

by Scott Smith

The newest member of our household…


Pollock was found living under a house trailer in Kentucky. Apparently her family moved on without her. I don’t know exactly how long she was on her own, but considering her feelings about food (why chew?) and her weight, I’m guessing it was a while. Some exterminators found her there and took her to the pound when she was still there at their second visit. Pollock was lucky enough to be located close to someone willing to pull her from the shelter and keep her for a few days until she could catch a ride with a group that was already transporting some other rescue dogs north. She was very unsocialized when she got here but she’s learning things like “sit” and “down” quickly and is also starting to get that she has to use some manners when it’s meal time. She’s a pretty girl and a really nice dog. I’m sure once she knows that there will always be food and we will always come back she’s going to settle in quite nicely.

She was listed as a border collie mix… she’s definitely showing signs of “herdiness.”

Spousal Communication

by Scott Smith

Robinson and I IM each other throughout the day even though we are in the same house, a very small house. My sisters Suzi and Diane find this odd. Now, I’ve got Robinson on the Twitter train. I think the blog needs some Twitter bling so you can see what we’re up to.

Twitter is a neat online program that lets you send short messages via IM, the web site or SMS paging. You can update what you’re up to. Why? Well, let’s say you are working remotely with a team. You can let your team know via Twitter where you are and what you are up to.

I’m using it to track my LOGS work and my BTC Technologies work. I’m hoping to use my Twitter tracking to better use and track what I work on. It’s much easier than using some time tracking app… I think.

Robinson just twittered me: she put a chicken in the oven. :-)

The bad news is Twitter’s popularity is clearly running ahead of their computers. The site is really slow. I trust that they’ll get this fixed soon.

Let us know in the comments if you want an invite.

Laura’s Twitter.
Scott’s Twitter.

Thanks to the great Dave Winer for pointing out Twitter’s usefulness.

Very, Very Late for the Monday Honey Update

by Scott Smith

This was taken last week. I guess I’ve been a little distracted. I do think that I’ve slowed down on the honey consumption. And I use it for baking bread A LOT (which is what those nasty bananas are sitting there for)!


by Scott Smith

Scott went to the dentist today. The tooth is good, the infection is bad. The dentist even started calling people over to show them what an amazing abscess it is. He keeps threatening to kiss me.
The arrow is just in case the asymmetry of his face doesn’t jump out at you. He’s either got a lot of swelling or golf ball in his cheek.


by Scott Smith

I believe I’m one or two drinks away from taking a long nap. My usual Beam and Diet is pretty weak, but not today. Half and half. I’m popping ibuprofens every couple of hours; I have given up on the topical pain reliever.

Liver health, you ask? Who needs a liver?

I want comfort food. Knackwurst! My father and I enjoyed the good ol’ German meat on occasion. I like it on a French bread with lots of mayo — hard to believe I’m a type 2 diabetic. I can’t find that delicious meat anywhere around here. Sure, I like my ribs, hamburgers and Popeye’s, but give me knackwurst and a box of Mac & Cheese for pure feel-good food.

Yes, I’m a wimp. I hate feeling pain. My fingers crack from the dry and cold weather and Robinson has to hear about it all week. Why she doesn’t grind me up and feed me to the chickens, I’ll never know.

But… but… it’s tooth pain. There’s like a direct something or other right to my brain. I can’t think; I can’t read; I can’t watch Heroes on iTunes. By the way, why is iTunes so fat and slow now? I thought Windows had cruft, go watch a vid on iTunes and you’ll truly experience calving icebergs.

Do I make sense?

Donettes may work for comfort food. You know, those waxy chocolate little doughnets that Robinson hates, so I can eat a box without feeling guilty that I didn’t share.

Oh, yeah! One more Beam & Diet and I can sleep for an hour or two. Donettes or no Donettes. Sleep. Sleep is good.

One last thing: Law & Order et. al producers — stop using sitcom actors for dramatic roles. They can’t act; that’s why they do sitcoms.

Geez. I really wish I didn’t bit down on that ice cube.

Tooth pain

by Scott Smith

I have a habit of getting nasty tooth pains on Friday evenings. Even if I had insurance, I couldn’t get into a dentist’s office until the weekend was over.
One of my memorable pain experiences happened when I lived in Crown Point, Indiana. I had ordered a large, dead-animal with extra cheese pizza from Pizza Hut — Pan I believe. After finishing several slices, I sent a spice or seed thing through my molar. I went to the carpet. I remember experiencing concussions with more joy.
I could hardly lift my head. For some reason, I called my boss. I can’t explain why — even now. He tried to get his dentist buddy to make a Saturday appointment for me but no luck. Probably didn’t matter; I couldn’t drive.
There was the time I went to the dentist for some work before leaving on an extended business trip for LOGS. For whatever reason, I had to drive from BWI to Virginia Beach, Virginia. I couldn’t take any pain killers. By the time I arrived, I was feverish and pale as Casper. Later that night, staying in a seedy motel near the office, I had a visitor. The guy was trying to sell me drugs. Perhaps the night clerk saw my condition and figured I needed a fix.
Here I am now with a tooth pain that has knocked me down. And, I just got over the flu. And, we have added a third dog to the house. I can’t sleep; dogs bark; red-headed boy stomps instead of walking. The inflammation around the crown, which I suspect was the work I had done before the Virginia Beach trip, is maroon.
I keep hearing Lawrence Oliver in my head: “Is it safe?” Then, I see Dustin Hoffman, wearing only sweats and a t-shirt running away, carrying his bottle of clove-something-or-other. He rubs the oil where his molar once was. It’s only temporary relief. Me, I’ve got topical pain killer, ibuprofen and Beam going. I get about an hour of dull relief.

Who is Carl T. Griffith?

by Scott Smith

“Carl T. Griffith, who gave a sourdough starter to anyone who asked, or who sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope, died early in the year 2000 at the age of 80. He is known for his generosity and the high quality and vitality of his sourdough starts, which came from a sourdough culture carefully nurtured and preserved in his family for over 150 years.”


150 years!! That is an amazing sour dough record. I have never been able to keep one very long, but I’m inspired now. You can get one of your own by sending a SASE to the address listed on this web page. I would just give you the address, but if you read the web page you will understand why I didn’t. Carl’s friends are carrying on his tradition of giving a start to anyone and everyone who asks or sends a SASE. This sour dough start was carried over the Oregon Trail. I can’t wait to get mine and make some bread with a little history.

Scott e-mailed me this link via Boing Boing.


by Scott Smith

I realized when I was out doing afternoon chores that our poor, gimpy rooster has gotten a good case of frostbite on his comb. There’s really nothing to do for him. It will turn black and the damaged parts will slough off and he’ll have a funny comb.
I had forgotten that his prominent comb makes him susceptible… not that there was any way to avoid this with the weather we’ve been having.

I want…

by Scott Smith

this blue eyed beauty.
She’s gorgeous. If your spouse is more open to adding a dog to your household than mine, you can find “Spago” here.

ETA: What about as an early birthday present? Anyone? Anyone?

Big Egg, Little Egg

by Scott Smith

Another GIANT, double yolker and a diminutive blue egg.
I think someone just started laying eggs this week.