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Month: October, 2008

Russo Talk in Dowagiac

by Scott Smith

On Wednesday, Richard Russo gave a talk at The Dogwood Festival in Dowagiac, Michigan. Never heard of Dowagiac? Go ahead, google the city. Yeah, it’s in the middle of nowhere. The town looks like it is on life support since FDR, but check out their middle school’s (yes, middle school) Performing Arts Center:

Stage view

Russo’s talk was on humor. I would give a summation, but apparently Darlene Jackson has transcribed a significant portion of his talk. Enjoy.


Homecoming Comes to Town

by Scott Smith



Thanks Anna for letting me steal more photos from your Facebook page.

Ghosts of Chicago Coming Soon

by Scott Smith

John McNally\'s \'Ghosts of Chicago\'

John McNally’s latest short story collection, Ghosts of Chicago, comes out next week.

In October, he’s reading and signing books in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Indianapolis, Iowa City and Lincoln, Nebraska. Book tour link.