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Month: November, 2006

Letters from Yuma, Arizona

by Scott Smith

Never, ever screw-up in front of retired folks.
Crane Truck
My parents are building a small house in Yuma, Arizona. This, like so many former Chicagoans, is where they plan to spend their winters. Their community is full of retirees, so when the developers decided to roll in with some tall palm trees, the community came out to watch the process.
Crane tipped w.s.
Dena, that would be my mother, decided to bring her camera and take these lovely snaps of the tree besting the crane.
Crane off the ground
I wish she had taken photos of the on-lookers. I wish she had a video camera. This would have been a sweet YouTube video.
Close up of crane tipped
I understand the local news came, but didn’t stay long. They got bored. Not those seniors, though. They know good afternoon t.v. when they see it.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled programming…

by Scott Smith

Growing season is over. The garden is no longer producing. The pig pen is empty. Our freezer is full.


I miss the pigs. They were a great source of entertainment.