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Month: August, 2005

Today’s Lesson…

by Scott Smith

You can’t fill an 80 pound hole with 40 pounds of cement.


Phase I of the Chicken Coop

by Scott Smith

It’s a small step, but a great testament to what one woman can do with a sledgehammer and a lot determination.

This was a space that I’m pretty sure the lady who built our house used to house her bucks in order to keep them away from her does (she raised Alpine goats and had as many as 60 at a time on this property). I will use this space to house chickens someday. The only thing left to go is to level and install a new floor, close up the building, build fencing, nesting boxes, roosting racks, make a brooder and buy chicks. No problem.


Before and after pictures…

Lessons Learned

by Scott Smith

In my enthusiasm to get our place cleaned up I was burning last night, trying to get rid of some stuff I cleaned out of my future chicken coop and some of the plants that produce burrs in the process. What are the plants that produce burrs? bushes? trees? All I know for sure is that they are the devil’s spawn and it hurts like hell to pull one out of your hair when you discover it later in the shower.

The lesson I learned is that if you burn green stuff the neighbors get ticked and drive their van into your driveway drunk, shirtless and ready for a fight.



by Scott Smith

Visited a Kioti dealer in Valparaiso yesterday. $15k for a compact tractor with bucket, box blade and rotary cutter. Ouch. I was thinking of driving to a Kubota dealer in Michigan. If I did, I suspect it would be to abuse my self: window shopping for what I should not buy.

I feel caught between a rock and 9.5 acres. How do I manage this much property without a tractor? Robinson’s farm girl friends (she makes a lot of friends especially online ones) were outraged that we were considering a new tractor. I guess people get romantic about old tractors. I don’t want to spend my time fixing a tractor. I want to mow, level and move dirt. Also, I’d like to get rid of the wasps in the block out building — I suppose a tractor would only help me level the building.

I guess my other option is to use my city lot tools. My tiller, trimmer and mower look silly in the barn.

In the end, I suppose, we’ll do what’s needed first — fencing (2.5 acres costs $4k).