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Bill Clinton Shows Why Explanation is an Art | Common Craft

by Scott Smith

Bill Clinton’s creative talent is packaging facts into a form that makes people care – and that is one of the true goals of explanation – to package and communicate facts in way that makes people understand, care and feel motivated.


Show Up

by Scott Smith

A couple of the more experienced guys were out today. Woke up nauseous, and only feeling a little better now. Can’t eat. Spending a little too much time thinking I should walk around with a bucket. But I’m here. Not terribly productive. I’m here though and not feeling too guilty. Joel Spolsky’s Fire and Motion essay comes to mind.

Mad Men Decisions

by Scott Smith

Once again, Matthew Weiner delivered a Mad Men episode that made hard character decisions. Joan paying for her 5%  with her body, and Don holding and kissing Peggy’s hand as she leaves the agency. Mad Men isn’t a tv show but a novel. You know why you read novels? For the kind of gift that ‘The Other Woman’ episode gave us. Perhaps a better way of putting it is Mad Men is a tv show that novels aspire to.


Just Add Shrimp

by Scott Smith


I love deviled eggs and shrimp — of course — put ’em together. I’ll have to make this for the boy and me tomorrow. Sadly, the ladies of the house do not appreciate the hard-boiled egg.

erik’s chemistry page

by Robinson

I Teach Inquiry

by Robinson

February 18, 2012

Cool Science: Home

by Robinson


Great resource with lesson plans.

January 27, 2012

The Nature of the Fun by DFW

by Scott Smith

Check out this website I found at smallbytes.net

January 7, 2012

Leonardo da Vinci in London: Yes, it’s worth it | The Economist

by Scott Smith

But the question isn’t silly, and the people asking it aren’t philistines, necessarily. The same concern that provokes the question also makes it hard to answer. The show is extraordinarily popular. Everyone thought it would be a success, but few imagined that it would rival a Lady Gaga concert as a hot ticket. Within a week of its opening, those who waited for reviews or were too busy to book, found themselves out of luck. The show, which closes on February 3rd, was completely sold out. In spite of the National Gallery’s policy that tickets bought from scalpers (and eBay) would not be honoured, people were buying these £16 tickets for more than ten times that much. Gossip columnists have reported on the fashionable people who are desperate to prove they have not missed out.

January 5, 2012

Salman Rushdie

by Scott Smith

Paradoxically, it was God who saved Christopher Hitchens from the Right. Nobody who detested God as viscerally, intelligently, originally and comically as C. Hitchens could stay in the pocket of god-bothered American Conservatism for long. When he bared his fangs and went for God’s jugular, just as he had previously fanged Henry Kissinger, Mother Teresa and Bill Clinton, the resulting book, God Is Not Great, carried Hitch away from the American Right and back towards his natural, liberal, ungodly constituency. He became an extraordinarily beloved figure in his last years, and it was his magnificent war upon God, and then his equally magnificent argument with his last enemy, Death, that brought him “home” at last from the misconceived war in Iraq.