Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: SparkFun – (37signals)

by Scott Smith

Seidle has never worked at a real company, which he views as “both a benefit and a problem.” “When I started SparkFun, I didn’t have preconceived notions of what a ‘real’ company did,” he explains. “I didn’t own khaki colored pants and I couldn’t afford new ones. I like comfortable shoes. I like funny t-shirts. So I made work a place I wanted to be.

“Then someone asked if they could bring in their dog. I’m not a dog person, but I respect people’s enjoyment of their dog. So once they assured me their dog wouldn’t be a problem, I let people bring in their four-legged friend.

“Then someone asked if they could bring in their skateboard. Why not? I don’t skateboard, but I like people who skateboard.