Home of Baggott & Asher & Bode: A 1/2 Dozen for John McNally

by Scott Smith

Pep talk (or bootie-kicking) for the downhearted writer. Let fly.

Remember what it was like when you were a kid coming up with stories — writing them, thinking about them, telling them? That’s what you need to get back to. Cancel your subscription to Poets & Writers. Skip going to AWP for a few years. Don’t keep track of who’s getting published, who’s winning awards. Quit reading blogs about writing. Get back to that place where you wrote because you enjoyed it, because it was a part of your daily imaginative life, not because there was the hope of having a magazine publication, an agent, or a book contract attached to it. All of that crap gets in the way of the good work.

John McNally interview.