Birds, CRV and the Tiller

by Scott Smith

On Saturday night the Bantam rooster was killed by a predator  in the coop. Filled the hole with rocks. It is always a whack-a-mole game with raccoons and possums. Judging from some of the stories I’ve heard, we’re lucky. One lady loss 25-50 meat birds in one night.

I suspect the CRV is done. It was harder to start than that old Buick I had in college. And, once it got going, it would not go over 45 MPH. I bet that means the transmission is shot. Replaced the truck’s transmission last spring (over $2,000!), but ain’t gonna do it for the CRV.

Pop’s Fix It Shop is done with the tiller just in time for me to till and plant garlic. Fortunately, winter is taking its sweet time, so the ground is still tillable.

Me looking like a creeper.