Philip Greenspun’s Weblog » How do people tell a story with Facebook?

by Scott Smith

and yesterday wanted to tell a fairly simple story about what it is like to spend one’s birthday with a Border Collie:

  1. drive to Costco
  2. put Ollie (15 weeks old) in a fabric crate in my car and roll the windows mostly down
  3. while shopping, receive call from the Costco tire shop saying that Ollie was with them (he’d managed to escape the crate, apparently, and then jump from a height of about 4′ out the car window and onto the pavement)
  4. once safely back home, turn around to observe Ollie throwing up a bunch of ugly-looking orange stuff on carpet (apparently there were some edibles in the Costco parking lot)
  5. use SpotBot robot to clean up hurl