Artificial Insemination (AI) – Goats & Health – GOATWORLD.COM

by Scott Smith

13) Semen Collection
Bucks are handled basically the same way as bulls for semen collection. Three basic methods may be employed, but all three require an artificial vagina, a double walled device with an opening at one end and collection tube at the other. The inner lining holding warm water should be coated with a light application of water soluble lubricating jelly. The three methods are:

  • 1) A buck may be allowed to mount a doe, with the semen collector manually diverting the buck’s penis into the artificial vagina (ram or dog size). Don’t touch the penis directly, instead direct the penis into the artificial vagina by grasping the buck’s sheath. After ejaculation (usually 0.5 to 1.0 cc) has occurred, remove the artificial vagina and tip it so that the semen will all run into the collection tube. This method may require practice and adjustment by both the buck and the collector before good samples are collected.

  • 2) A buck is trained to mount a dummy instead of a live doe. The same procedures are followed for sample collection. Mounting may be facilitated by applying vaginal mucus scrapings of a doe that is in heat to the dummy, at least during the training process.

  • 3) Use of electro-ejaculation. The buck is not required to mount an object, although an artificial vagina should still be used for semen collection. An electrode unit, which has a number of contact rings, is inserted into the buck’s rectum. Slight electric stimulation brings on ejaculation. This technique generally results in good samples in quantity and quality. However, the sperm concentration of the sample will be lower. This method does not require extensive training, and will allow collections from bucks that may refuse or are unable to mount and serve an artificial vagina.