Don’t Put That in Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where it’s Been

by Robinson

I've recently decided to renew my efforts to eat by my ethics. No more meat if I don't know where it's been. This brings up some problems, like what do I do if I want or need to eat out? What if I am a guest in someone's home? Do I count eggs and milk products? I've decided to solve problem of eating out by sticking to vegetarian fare when I do. It's easy enough to do since most restaurants have at least a couple of items on the menu that fit the bill. But what about eating a meal prepared for me by my host? Admittedly, I don't eat at other's people's homes often. I guess we're just not all that social, but if it comes up I really think that my upbringing requires me to eat whatever is offered if I'm a guest in someone's home.