Phone Poll

by Scott Smith

Experienced a poll for Michigan’s 3rd for U.S. Congress via phone. Very educational. They put lies in the poll.

I think the poll was paid for by the crazy Repub or Tea Bagger candidate, but it is difficult to tell. What I can say is that politicians and their ilk are running campaigns like it is 1999.

No matter who wins Michigan’s 3rd, he will be a chump for their party. Not one original thought on either candidates’ web site. It makes me almost wish that douche bag Vern Ehlers was running again. Then again, Vern voted against healthcare for the 9/11 rescue workers.

I would like to find hope. But the mediocrity of Michigan’s 3rd (think Gerald Ford) slaps me in the face. By the way, Amway’s home is Grand Rapids, which is the population center of Michigan’s 3rd. Oy!