dy/dan » Blog Archive » (One Of Many Reasons) Why Students Hate Algebra

by Scott Smith

Tuesday was an all-school professional development day. The math departments joined from two campuses to learn about the Gradual Release of Responsibility from a couple of math coaches from the next county over.

One coach modeled a GRR lesson and opened with the problem above.

I leaned into another teacher and whispered, “I’m trying to decide which would be more socially acceptable right now, letting out a loud fart or saying what I really think about this problem.”

We broke for lunch and came back to debrief. No one had commented on the problem by the end so I did.

“I see problems like this and I feel myself becoming less of a human and more of a math teacher. And I feel very lucky to teach our neediest students, students who punish me daily for problems like this one, students who are often very hard on me but who in return have helped me hold onto some of that humanity.

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