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by Scott Smith

POP FICTION FEBRUARY PREVIEW ARE YOU: A graduate of an MFA program that cost $20,000 yet you find yourself working for near-minimum wage? THEN YOU WILL LOVE: After the Workshop by John McNally. FROM PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “Twelve years after graduating from the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Jack Sheahan, the protagonist of McNally’s witty third novel, suffers from chronic self-doubt and a decade-long case of writer’s block. He keeps an unfinished novel in a box under his telephone books and earns his living as a media escort for literati invited to read in Iowa City, greeting authors at the airport, chauffeuring them around town, and occasionally running their errands — all the while seething with envy. With two clients in town at the same time—one a new mother with possible postpartum psychosis who disappears with her baby, the other an arrogant New Yorker of Jack’s age who has garnered the awards Jack once dreamed of winning — plus a snowstorm, a former fiancée, and a mysterious visit by a famous writer who’d disappeared from public view years earlier, the action spirals into frenzy.” NEXT WEEK: Pop Fiction leads a workshop on After The Workshop. Read along with us! If you’re in Toronto, shop at Type Books or This Ain’t The Rosedale Library.

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