linchpin: ten questions for seth godin | Gapingvoid

by Scott Smith

January 21, 2010

linchpin: ten questions for seth godin


My friend and men­tor, Seth Godin has a new book out: “Linch­pin: Are You Indispensable?”.

3. A key term you used throughout the book was “Emo­tio­nal Labor”. Please explain what that is, and why that mat­ters to anyone wishing to become a Linchpin.

It’s emo­tio­nal labor to insist that your publisher leave the sexy and dirty bits in your last book, even though it cer­tainly would have been easier to take them out. It’s emo­tio­nal labor to move to Texas even though it might be easier to just hang out with friends. It’s emo­tio­nal labor to do the work even when you don’t feel like it. Mostly, I’m tal­king about doing the dif­fi­cult work of brin­ging your very best self to each inte­rac­tion, because to do other­wise is a mor­tal sin.

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