The WELL: Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2010

by Scott Smith

*You’re [Cory Doctorow] thinking: “got some money here, might as well settle down in suburban Shepperton where the kid has a stable neighborhood with those delightful Ballard children.” That’s a joke. They’re ALL FOREIGNERS in Shepperton now, just like you. They’re living in DISINTEGRATED, ROOTLESS, MULTI-ETHNIC HOUSEHOLDS where people relate through SMS messages. Go outside, walk around in extremely globalized London, count the number of exiles in the streets. Is that Christopher Robin and Pooh at the gates of Buckingham Palace? The Buckingham Palace charades are wall to wall Brazilians, Indians and Chinese. That’s why they put up with YOU. And the genuine kids there are even weirder than their parents, because they’re multi-ethnic Brazilo-Indian-Chinese kids.

Love reading Bruce Sterling’s essays and hearing his talks.

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