5 New Year’s resolutions for closing deals in 2010 – Venture Hacks

by Scott Smith

This is obviously a bit self-serving, but every entrepreneur needs a strong, experienced lawyer to watch his back. There is just too much at stake for entrepreneurs to be (1) using sites like LegalZoom, (2) pulling forms off the web and trying to play lawyer, or (3) retaining the cheapest lawyer to save money.

This is a terrific article about what you get when an entrepreneur engages an attorney (or what you should get).

The author, Scott Walker, reminds me of the importance of standing back from your work. An entrepreneur selling or buying a business needs to pull himself away from the ‘deal’ in much the same way a novelist should put her book in the top drawer for a month or two.

Not that I need a lawyer, but this is definitely a link to keep.

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