English Walnuts

by Scott Smith

I’ve been moving my as yet nonexistant cherry trees back and forth in my mind. First, they were near the big tree that stands in the center of our “back yard” in front of the barn (in our barnyard I suppose). Then, they were moved up to the soon to be repurposed vegetable garden near the Black Walnut trees. Where, in my imagination at least, they remain.

My new plan for the tree in front of the barn is to plant a couple more of them (well, maybe just one, it’s a big tree). Turns out, our neighbor, Scott C. is right – that tree is an English Walnut. It’s a lovely tree all on it’s own, but it needs a friend to be productive. I may be a very old woman before the trees produce, I may not. But there is nothing wrong with a tree planted as a gift to future generations.