Munching on Media

by Scott Smith

I finished reading Amy Knox Brown’s Three Versions of the Truth. One of my favorite short story collections. Amy’s collection gave me compelling perspectives of characters I loved and cared about. She also delivered on place in a big way. I’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska but now I feel I’ve been to Lincoln. Another plus was her use of short-short stories. I’ve never been a fan of the genre. Amy has made me one — or at least a fan of her short-shorts. She just nails these stories and works with in its constraints. Go get her book and enjoy.

Robinson and I watched Blood Diamond. Yeah, that was bad. A mess. Avoid. Go rent/buy Helvetica as soon as possible. Do you think a movie about a font is compelling? No… Well, it is.

I listened to Steve Martin’s autobiography. After you read Amy’s book and watch Helvetica, download this book from iTunes. Steve Martin is smart and funny, and his life is worthy of a book. Sure, you could buy the hardcover only I think having Steve Martin read his book adds to the experience.

Today, after Madel’s band dork competition, we headed to B&N for books. New Russell Banks is out, The Reserve, and I finally own Presentation Zen. Zen is gorgeous. Garr Reynolds, its author, has got a lot of love for its publication and I can see why.

Btw, I kid Madel and Coleman for being band dorks. After today’s competition, Madel is heading to state. The judge of Madel’s solo heaped praise upon her. If she does well at state, I will raise her to geek status.