The Queen

by Scott Smith

Now there’s a fine film, The Queen.

Helen Mirren was delicious.

The story frames The Queen of England around Diana’s death. I never cared about Diana’s celebrity or the mess surrounding her death. This film had to climb a high mountain for me to care about these characters.

Mirren had me in the first minute. I even cared about Charles and Tony Blair. James Cromwell as Prince Philip was pitch-perfect (rather, spot-on).

The real Tony and The Queen

The film managed to humanize The Queen without bringing her down to us mere mortal level. According to the movie, she drives and takes long walks with her dogs.

The Queen was the perfect Sunday morning movie, just luscious.  I now need to go watch the last episode of A History of Britain, the one covering Orwell and Churchill. I need more British-ness before watching a few hours of the NFL.