Suzi’s Eulogy

by Scott Smith

Dad with Keegan

Suzi’s eulogy to our father.

People who knew my dad knew him as Doug, husband, honey, dad, pops, daddy, papa Doug and friend.

A father’s love so often is expressed in words and actions. Some words that come to mind when I think of my dad are: Tender, loving, selfless, giving, protective, funny, skipper, craftsman, electrian, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, most importantly — father.

You could say he was even tempered unless he was driving across the country with five kids in a motor home. As kids my dad would take us boating and camping. He loved to travel. He taught me to love to travel.

He was a man of great character. He also was a good judge of character. I valued his opinion and found him to be very wise. A memory that stands out is when my dad was driving me back to college. We passed O’hare airport. I asked my dad about becoming a flight attendant. He thought I may be too short. Well, I wasn’t and soon I was off to training with American. I knew that he was proud of me. We both loved aviation.

When I bought my first house you could often find my dad doing electrical, plumbing and installing linoleum. Most importantly, he installed countless garbage disposals. When I look around my house I will always see something my dad did for us.

He was also known as Papa Doug.

My first baby, and his first grandson, Keegan MacKay, shares his family name. Dad braved January in Wisconsin to see him. And begged me not to have another winter baby.

Bryce came in May.

In the heat of July came Marley Grace. She is dad’s look alike. My husband, Curt, would take her out of bed in the morning and say look at our little Doug.

Dad always braved the long trip to see his grand babies. You could find him on the floor with the boys playing cars and building with Legos.

I would often call my parents to tell of my frustrations of raising boys. My dad found them to be funny.

At church he was given a book about boys. He told my sister Diane how good it was and how I needed to read it. I look forward to reading it to see what he found to be so true. My dad loved kids which I guess is obvious.

My father put his family first.

There has never been a time when I felt my dad wasn’t available. I always felt loved, encouraged and safe with him. I am very grateful to God for the 36 years I had with my dad. I would have liked 36 more. He was an awesome man who touched my life and words can never express the love I have in my heart for my father.