7 Totally Random Things About Me

by Scott Smith

Kenny at Veggie Gardening Tips tagged us for a gardening themed meme. This meme thing works. I discovered a plethora of great gardening blogs through Kenny’s post and I left comments.

1. I was born in Northwest Indiana – I’m what’s known as a Region Rat. Scott disdains the Region, forgetting that it produced the love of his life (that would be me). Indiana is where I learned to love gardening. My mother is an Indiana Master Gardener, although she now lives in Arizona. My sister, also an inspiring gardener, gave me my passion for homegrown tomatoes when she bought me a collection of heirloom tomato plants back when my children were babies and we lived in Indianapolis.

2. My first real garden was in Wabash, Indiana. That’s where the passion really got a strong foothold. Anything I put in the ground was an absolute success because the soil was perfect and loamy without any help from me. I have not been so lucky with subsequent plots, but I have enough desire to succeed that I work with what I’ve got.

3. I never pictured myself in this setting, with my own homestead. I never imagined I would be comfortable raising animals for meat. I am, after all, the girl who once declared that meat should only come under cellophane and that if I was ever confronted with having to provide my own meat, I’d simply become a vegetarian. As it happens, I have absolutely no desire to give up bacon even after meeting the animals destined for our freezer.

4. I love being around horses even though they are sometimes a pain. Like the mare who stomped on my foot this morning. She’s very charming otherwise. Scott thinks she might taste good with bbq sauce.

5. I am a defunct artist. I am not sure if I quit art or if art quit me, but Art and I have not been on speaking terms for some time now.

6. If I could live two lives I’d spend my other life in the wilds of Arizona, right down by the border. Since I don’t, I am content with my life in Michigan and an occasional visit to Arizona.

7. I love gardening but I don’t really do design. I have a vague idea of how I want things to look and then I just start putting plants in the ground. If it doesn’t work out at the first spot I try, I dig it up and move it again. If it isn’t sturdy enough to stand up to my gardening methods it generally doesn’t get replaced. Right now there is no budget for anything that isn’t going to give me a return on my investment (ie, something I can eat) and that’s okay. There are tons of plants and bulbs (I found a bucket full of poeticus narcissus back in the woods) in beds that were long ago abandoned and there is always a friend willing to pass along a start. I’ve also been inspired? empowered? to start including attractive vegetables and herbs in my foundation plantings (thanks Kenny). I just planted some ‘Green Goddess’ eggplant alongside my tradescantia and threw down some dill seed in an empty space in front of the daylilies.