Barn Ideas

by Scott Smith

My former co-worker and friend, RebPak, has a witty post, which is not safe for work, about her husband, KevHead, and his special Harley room located in their barn.

I admire Kevin for his restrained mid-life crisis. He got the Harley instead of a girlfriend and a $50,000 car. :-> Me, I have Old Crow and generic smokes.

RebPak has discovered Kevin’s little storage space in the barn for his Harley has expanded into a full-fledge dude hang-out. And, her oldest boy, Alex, has been inducted into this manly world.

What it became is a pet project for Kevin and the kids. They all built it…walls, doors, the works. Male bonding. It has a window air conditioning unit – but NO WINDOW. It has CARPET – which of course he bought. It has a refrigerator for “man room beer” that I am not allowed to drink, which materialized from who knows where. It has it’s own cooler. It has the old broken chair from the basement that rubbed a groove in my drywall – it has a desk with his Harley lamp, which he bought. It has street signs and work signs all over the walls and ceiling. His fishing poles are mounted in this room, for which he bought a special rack. This is the home for the “inappropriate” calendars, signs, decorations…it has a clock that looks like a tire. It has special camping chairs, which he bought. Supposedly his guns will be mounted in this room, and I’ve made it clear that they must be locked up if they’re going to be mounted anywhere – which means there’s something more to buy.

Kevin is a man to admire and emulate. I can’t wait until KatMat (another former co-worker and friend) discovers her husband, Eric, in a barn building a man room with their son.