Many Tips

by Scott Smith

I stumbled across this great blog by Kenny Point. Veggie Gardening Tips is all about Kenny’s organic, ornamental AND edible garden. There are scads of postings on plants that are beautiful as well as edible and, of course, tips on how to grow them. His Top Ten Reasons for Growing Vegetables is a lot of fun (and more encouragement for those just getting into food production).

I planted okra this year. Mostly because I got a packet of seeds as a gift, but also because it makes me think of my Uncle Clifton. Okra is a southern favorite and I think Uncle Clifton was probably as southern as you could get in Northwest Indiana (it’s my understanding that it was his dream to return to Kentucky to live). Seeing my uncle bring okra in from their huge vegetable garden is my only memory of okra from childhood. We certainly didn’t eat it at my house – I would have instantly turned my nose up at it. My only actual experience with okra was deep fried from Brown’s Chicken with LOTS of ketchup. It was pretty mediocre as far as culinary experiences go. I’ll be more daring with it at harvest this time.

After reading Kenny’s entry on growing okra I’m on my way out the door to see if I can transplant mine. Somehow I missed that it grows 4-5 feet tall! It would make a quick and lovely screen to hide anything unsightly. I realize now after looking at some pictures online that this is the same plant that I marveled over planted out in front of the Rennselaer Dairy Queen once.