The Last Pound of Bacon

by Scott Smith

Last night we ate our last pound of bacon as sandwiches for dinner. This has me wistfully thinking about raising more pigs. On the way home from my poop shoveling job I had a revelation – next year I want to put a pig pen within our pasture area. Actually two pens. That way we will be able to ‘leap frog’ the pigs across the pasture allowing them to be on grass all summer and the pasture will get turned up as a benefit. When the first pen is worn out, the fencing between the pens can be opened to allow the pigs to get to fresh pasture and then the old pen can be disassembled and moved to the other side allowing the stakes to settle into the soil before the next move. We can plant pasture mix behind them as we go and the pasture fencing will serve as a failsafe for those inevitable escapes.
Last year's pigs
We did do this to a certain extent last year, but I don’t think we used the grass feeding methods to their greatest benefit. The benefits being turned soil without having to own or hire out a tractor, a healthier pasture for the next year’s pigs, healthier, tastier meat for my family, and happier pigs (although I am absolutely certain our previous pigs had happy pig lives),

The biggest obstacle to doing this is going to be getting fresh water to the pigs a couple times a day. I think we can use Scott’s idea of having a large tank that we fill at the house and drive out to the pasture. Alas, we can’t do pigs this year anyway, but I’m hoping that we can afford to make another go at it next year.

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