Have I mentioned….

by Scott Smith

…the canning season has begun?

My friend Cammy and I drove to Willerick’s in Ceresco, and picked a total of 32 quarts of strawberries. Willerick’s has the best deal around at $1/quart. We put up 30 half-pints of jam and froze, I don’t know, lots of strawberries. I also dried some strawberries just as an experiment. Putting Food By suggests that strawberries aren’t worth drying because there are so many better ways to preserve them but I thought they might be interesting for muffin baking or mixing into oatmeal and cereals. We’ll see – it took me most of the winter to figure out what to do with my dried tomatoes, now I’m worried about running out before I have more tomatoes to dry.
I’m tempted to go back and get more berries for the freezer, but I think I’ll have to do it soon. I’m not sure but strawberry season may be drawing to a close very soon. By the end of June anyway.