The Blue and the Gray

by Scott Smith

So, the ducks are separated while the injured female recuperates. The group of four have new bedding and plenty of water, but they’re sequestered — and none to happy about it.

Meanwhile, our pair of beat-up ducks roams freely when not sleeping with the chickens. The pair are beat-up because the lead duck of the foursome attacks them when the mood is right. Not only are ducks messy, they are violent. It’s like a Friday the 13th movie every day.

Robinson and I have been considering getting rid of the pair or ending the chief of the four ducks’ life.

The problem is getting involved with nature too much. You care for the animals, nurse them back to health when necessary, but it seems to be a bad idea to get involved in their society.

I think our lack of action has proved to be the best course. The pair of ducks now think they’re top dogs. The male bullies the chickens and has come after the dogs. I guess it thinks he must protect his woman. He has never displayed these actions prior to the foursome interment.

Our other option is to pen up the birds, denying them their natural instincts. You either cage them or let them sort things out. I will err on the side of letting them sort it out.

So, very soon, we will witness the duck equivalent of Gettysburg.