We be rolling again

by Scott Smith

The Craftsman garden tractor (thanks PB!) has a new tire on the old rim. Bought the tire at the pitiful Family Farm store in Battle Creek, and then had it mounted on the rim at Discount Tire in Richland. The Discount Tire guy did mention they sold those tires. Next time, I’ll save time and money.

Taking off the rim wasn’t much trouble at all. It doesn’t use lug nuts, but a key and pin deal. My father, Robinson’s father and the Sears manual all said not to loose the key. I left the key in place on the axle. I came back to find my key gone. Apparently, one of the chickens pecked at it. I found it not too far from the Craftsman. Some how I should have known not to leave it on the axle.

Not much more mowing was done. A storm rolled in.

This morning, feeling pretty good about things, Laura and I walked the dogs together. Upon our return, we heard the well pump running. The motor’s sound was higher. I didn’t think much of it and ran an errand. I came back and it was still running.

No water.

Yin-yang thing — Karmic balance: working garden tractor – non-functioning well.