More Bees

by Scott Smith

I was listening to NPR’s The Story this evening simply because I happened to be in my car and they were broadcasting a piece on Colony Collapse. Dick Gordon interviewed professional beekeeper, Jeff Lee (who happened to turn his life long hobby into a profession when he was unable to find work in the pharmaceutical industry) and Dr. Dewey Caron. Dr. Caron addressed some of the same theories that I mentioned in my other post and did some clarifying and dismissing.

He stated that:

-scientists have been unable to make a connection to genetically modified crops.
-bio-terrorism was dismissed
-there is a pesticide (which he didn’t name) that causes short term memory loss in bees at very
low exposures. Dr. Caron said, and I quote, “it makes them stupid.”

Dr. Caron seems to lean toward an environmental contaminate, but doesn’t think that there is a simple answer. He refers to bees as a possible “canary in the mine.”

Jeff Lee had a lot of excellent input as well. For instance, did you know that beekeepers can’t get insurance for their bees? They don’t fall into the crop category and they don’t fall into the livestock category, so when they lose half their hives they’re pretty much screwed. He also has a lot of really good thoughts on what could be causing the Colony Collapse that line up pretty well with what Dr. Caron said.

You can get the podcast and listen to the whole thing, and I recommend it.