by Scott Smith

Technology CAN save us!

We need to design tiny robotic bees, which can mimic real insect bees. By doing this bee keepers can help remove killer bee populations from city dwelling where they might attack people. Although some would say this is far-fetched, we are not that far off in understanding the bee population or their queen bee migrations. By developing tiny insect like Queen Bees which the bees will follow we can help divide hives and steer bees into areas where they can help us with our crop yields without killing little kids, pets and even adults.

I have no idea about the respectability of this site, but I went in search of information on anyone who might be looking for artificial means by which to pollinate our food crops. Tiny, pollinating robots! This is the answer. Now we don’t have to give up text messaging and chatting with friends on our cell phones while driving 80 mph down the highway. Techno-stress, here I come.

Social Robotic Bees to Prevent Killer Bee Attacks on Cities