is pathetic

by Scott Smith

In this part of Michigan, you have to do your job searches with A typical online newspaper. Not as bad as the Sun-Times, but pretty bad (at least mlive loads fast).

I’m doing my weekly job search and an annoying Dell ad pops up. You know the type, the one that floats and you either have to wait for it to finish its animation or click the close button. I close it. The jobs link doesn’t work.

Ok, I’ll let it finish its animation — reload the page. Still, the link doesn’t work. Close the tab and open a new tab. Same problem.

Are you telling me it isn’t Firefox compatible now? That’s exactly the problem. I suppose their developers use IE6 and IE7. That’s a bad sign. You test on IE6 and IE7, you don’t use it.

All this trouble and the search results for computer work was much the same — medical (RN, LPN, etc). Apparently, we’re a sick bunch here in this corner of Michigan. At least our local economy has one growth industry.