3 Dog… House

by Scott Smith

The newest member of our household…


Pollock was found living under a house trailer in Kentucky. Apparently her family moved on without her. I don’t know exactly how long she was on her own, but considering her feelings about food (why chew?) and her weight, I’m guessing it was a while. Some exterminators found her there and took her to the pound when she was still there at their second visit. Pollock was lucky enough to be located close to someone willing to pull her from the shelter and keep her for a few days until she could catch a ride with a group that was already transporting some other rescue dogs north. She was very unsocialized when she got here but she’s learning things like “sit” and “down” quickly and is also starting to get that she has to use some manners when it’s meal time. She’s a pretty girl and a really nice dog. I’m sure once she knows that there will always be food and we will always come back she’s going to settle in quite nicely.

She was listed as a border collie mix… she’s definitely showing signs of “herdiness.”