Going My Way?

by Scott Smith

Yesterday, during the worst snow storm of the year, I drove south to pick up this dog. Soda came as a rescue all the way from Kentucky and is now happily with her new family about an hour and a half north of us. This was my first transport and for anything else I would not have ventured out into the blowing snow and cold, but there was nothing else to do. Yesterday was the day that she could catch a ride north. She’s a terribly sweet dog and was eager to please in spite of the fact that she was very stressed by being transferred from car to car (I think mine was the fifth or so car she had been loaded into). I hear she’s settling in well already with her new family and volunteers “sit pretty” for everyone.


It is unknown how her leg was broken but her previous owner suspects that it was a neighbor being cruel. Apparently the neighbor had also shot another dog with his bow and arrow.

There is a rescue group for almost any breed of dog you might be interested in. So, if a pure bred is your thing, see if you can find a rescue to adopt through. Often, you can even find puppies if that’s what you want.