Moving Ford Fly Over

by Scott Smith

I monitor Why? Why! It is often as funny as John Stewart when they report on Michigan’s efforts to fix an economy that was broken before Ford pardoned Nixon.

I’m not saying MITechNews writes funny, just their beat delivers the funny. Today they slipped away from their usual material to report that an Air Force lieutenant colonel is trying to find the producer of this video posted on YouTube.

From the article, this unnamed officer (nice reporting by the way) gushed about the video: In the past few days, almost half of the Air Force has seen the video and have been deeply moved by it.

This now explains why we are having so many troubles in Iraq. We only have 3,000 members of the Air Force. According to YouTube stats, the video has had about 1,500 views. Tip of the hat for more fine reporting. I probably shouldn’t completely blame MITechNews for the reporting, since their source is a Grand Rapids, Michigan TV station — then again, whatya doin’ trusting TV reporters?

The killer is this direct quote from the unnamed officer:

“What you just did, is beyond words. It’s inspired everyone in the military, everyone who is fighting, both in Iraq and those here. A person who would do that is patriotic, maybe more patriotic than me. It shows what we’re fighting for and it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Have you seen this cliched piece of crap yet? Moving? Please. The producer’s soundtrack is Taps played on a horn. The camera angles and wipes are all standard — I do like that the birds flying at a lower altitude look as if they can ram the jets. Troops are inspired by this?

Final reporting rant: Who cares? Where’s the man bites dog? This was a month ago.