Annie’s Project

by Scott Smith

My friend, Barb, sent me a link to Annie’s Project which is a great program started by Ruth Fleck Hambleton (an Iowa State University Extension officer) and named for her mother Annette (Kohlhagen) Fleck. It’s designed to empower women who find themselves in farming through choice, marriage (which is also a choice, Annie set out to marry a farmer, after all), or inheritance… Whatever circumstances might land a woman in the position of farmer, this is the program designed to help her compete on equal footing in a male dominated profession.

The syllabus includes such topics as risk management, crop insurance, business planning, human resources & time management, and retirement & estate planning. Purdue, my alma mater, is offering several sessions throughout Indiana, but no one has picked up the ball in Michigan so far.


On a side note, one of the sessions will be held in Rensselaer at Drexel Hall (also known as the Indian Normal School). It’s nice to know that the building has been completed and is being put to good use. It was empty when we moved to Rensselaer and still being renovated when we left for Michigan.