Bears Prep

by Scott Smith

Ribs are best served with a reason. Friends are coming over to visit — get the ribs out. Deadwood season premiere: send the children on a 10-mile hike and get the ribs out.

Bears in the conference finals… you bet, I’ve got ribs defrosted in the fridge. And, the Colts too are in the AFC Conference game. Well, that means all-beef hot dogs for the late game. I like to bake the dogs in croissant wraps crescent rolls, and then I dip them in a mayo-BBQ sauce.

Robinson says she’s sleeping in Coleman’s room tonight.

What are your football food plans?

I wouldn’t mind seeing some photos of you all gorging while the Bears’ defense peels Reggie Bush’s biceps from his arms in much the same way I’ll pull rib meat from the bone.

Go Bears!

[update from the wife]