Winter Crafting II

by Scott Smith

I finished the second fabulous felted tote. I’m not as happy with it as the first one I did, but it was an experiment. The thing that I found out is that you get way more shrinkage using one strand of yarn instead of two.

It’s a cutish, purse sized bag and I like the bead toggle I added to it (thanks Cammy) as well as the way the variegated yarn looks felted up, but I’m tremendously unhappy with the handles. They just look sad and you can tell me they look fine all you want, but the picture just doesn’t do the sadness of them justice. I’m seriously considering cutting them off and felting another pair of handles to sew on. Felted wool is supposedly ravel proof, so it could work… Couldn’t it?

(Oh, and a p.s. for Kristen… I have an e-mail all set to send you regarding yarn. I just need to get my pattern to the computer at the same time I’m here so that I can give you yardage information.)

(p.s.s. I’m forcing myself to take a week off of knitting in hopes that the tingling in my thumb will go away. I think all that speed knitting might have taken a small toll.)