One One Run

by Scott Smith

Today the kids and I went into Kalamazoo to the John Daley Memorial One One Run (It’s on January 1 at 1 pm, get it?) that Gazelle Sports puts on every year. We didn’t run it – we walked. Madeleine is still pampering a stress fracture in her foot and I… well, I just don’t run, and Coleman walked with us rather than run by himself. I should sign up for one of those things every weekend. It’s inspiring to be around all of those physically fit people who truly seem to enjoy the work it takes to stay that way. There were people of all ages, lots and lots of dogs and it was just a really positive energy kind of place to be on the first day of the year. All proceeds went to the Girls and Boys Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo.
We also got these sweet t-shirts.

Oh, and if anyone knows who John Daley was, I’m really curious. You’d think if someone was going to hold a huge race in a person’s honor they might include some information on that person.