Sick Pig Update II

by Scott Smith

Well, the pig is feeling better but he still needs at least one more shot. Ideally he would get three more shots. But, darn it if we haven’t turned that poor pig’s butt into a pin cushion trying to (unsuccessfully) get a dose into him. Pigs that feel good don’t hold still for shots!

I’ve got a new tool that hopefully will make us successful nurses. It looks similar to this but is not as fancy. Ours is the plastic version of the Pistol-Grip Syringe from Ideal Instruments. Part of our problem has been that I can’t adjust my grip on the syringe to push down the plunger without the pig coming off the needle. Then I have to try to stick him again and he gets so worked up, screaming and fighting us that I pretty much come unglued.

[edit] Well, I was an unsuccessful nurse with the cool new toy. Our neighbor, Mr. C., was quite successful though. We’ll be inviting him back for more farm fun tomorrow.