Slow Food

by Scott Smith

Slow Food is an organization founded by Carlo Petrini of Italy in 1986. Leave it to an Italian to start an international organization who’s goal is to protect our right to taste (those Italians know how to eat). Their mission involves defending people against the standardization of flavor. They fight against cultural homogenization through “taste education,” they defend biodiversity and they help producers of “slow foods” find the consumers who care about their taste buds. I looked for a local convivium to join but, of course, there isn’t one in Hickory Corners. I find it interesting, although not surprising, that the four existing convivia in Michigan are in the more metropolitan areas (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, and Buchanan – okay, Buchanan isn’t exactly metropolitan). Do we small town folk not care about flavor? I care about flavor. I want my food to taste good. I want to have a diversity of flavors at my disposal. I want to sit down to a delicious meal with family and friends. I want to drink a nice glass of wine with a big, stinky slice of yummy cheese… who’s with me?

[edit] I thought I would add a list of a few slow food animals mentioned on the Slow Food Ark of Taste:

Pigs – Mulefoot, Ossabaw Island

Chickens – Buckeye (the breed I most want to add to my collection), Delaware, Dominique, Jersey Giant, New Hampshire, Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock Non-Industrial
Geese – Cotton Patch, Pilgrim
Turkeys – Jersey Buff, Narrangansett, Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze

Sheep – Navajo-Churro

Rabbits – American, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Giant Chinchilla

Goats – Tennessee Faiinting, Spanish

Cattle – Florida Cracker, Milking Devon, Pineywoods