by Scott Smith

When I was a kid there was one of those “fear at five” kind of news reports on kudzu and how is marching ever northward taking over the whole of America. Kind of a “we’re all gonna die” sort of thing. Well, being the fearful child I was, that scared the crap out of me. A few days passed and the tenacious vine didn’t show up in my backyard, so I let it go. Don’t make fun of me too much before looking at this picture…


…there’s a house under there, not to mention the forest in the background. The stuff grows a foot a day during the summer!

Well, I can rest easy as we live far enough north that the killer kudzu won’t be arriving anytime soon. The drawback of this is that I can’t make my own kudzu jelly. Being the jelly-jam freak I am, I did an exchange with a woman from Georgia (from the farmgirl website) for some kudzu jelly and it’s just wonderful. It has sort of a grapey flavor but maybe a little more delicate and is such a lovely color. It really is the perfect PB&J jelly.