by Scott Smith


This is our little hen, Doris. I like all of our chickens (now that the meat birds are in the freezer) but I like Doris a lot. She’s one of the few chickens who’s been given anything other than a strictly descriptive name (Gorgeous, Blondie, Stupid White Chicken). I have no idea what kind she is because she’s one of the birds that we got from the man down the road. Any guesses at her breeding would be appreciated. She’s not very big, but I don’t think she’s small enough to be considered a Bantam sized bird. She’s cute, she’s a good layer and she’s proven herself to be pretty tough in the past couple of days having survived a dog attack with no harm other than her pretty tail feathers being fewer in number.

I’d like to know where that dog was when Scott was still plucking birds – it only seems interested in holding the bird down and pulling out it’s feathers. It could have been a great help to him.