Shell Game

by Scott Smith


I’ve become familiar with all of the eggs my hens give me now. I don’t always know which egg goes with which bird, but I’ve come to expect to see certain colors and shapes in varying degrees of cleanliness each day. So, this evening while I was washing today’s eggs the egg in the middle jumped out at me. I definitely have not gotten an egg this particularly rich shade of brown before today, which leads me to believe (hope?) that the pullets we have been feeding and housing since it was still cold outside might officially be hens now. Well, at least one of them. So, hopefully our egg count will be doubling or tripling in the next few weeks. I’d better get on that inspection business I’ve been putting off.

**UPDATE** This morning there was a shelless egg which is another sign that the pullets are “coming into egg.” I would have photographed it but it was really kind of icky.