One Duck, Two Duck. Old Duck, New Duck.

by Scott Smith

We have four more ducklings. Three of the five (out of fifteen) remaining eggs hatched without a problem but one of them stalled and I decided to intervene this time rather than sit by and watch. The duck I helped seems to be doing fine despite the controversy that surrounds helping in the hatching process. The fifth duckling was lost somewhere along the way.

The hatch caught me off guard this time and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed when I did if the cats had not been acting suspiciously. Either I miscounted the days or these are some precocious ducklings. Here’s our cat, George, checking out the
A freshly hatched duckling:justhatched.jpg
Almost dry:
And here are the first three ducks that we hatched. They’ve lost almost all of their down and are looking much more duck-like. I just hope that they stop being so terrified all the time and come out of their house soon.