DIY – Pig House

by Scott Smith

Another weekend, more animal additions (four spring pigs), more DIY projects. I have built a pig house. It’s low to the ground, holds four pigs and cheap.

Pig House by Scott

My carpentry skills waffle between criminally negligent and child-like. Laura had insisted I buy extra lumber and that almost wasn’t enough, which means the chickens get more perches.
I’m sure there is a gene that allows you to eye-ball and imagine things, and then you build it or plan it. I’m missing that gene (I’m also missing the math gene that allows me to do fractions).

Pigs in Front of House
We have not witnessed the pigs go into the structure. They have climbed up its sides — with me, on the other side of the fence, cringing with each cloven hoof-fall, and yelling: “I don’t make sturdy things.”

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